The Group

Current Members

Dr. Jiande Han

Post Doc

Projects: Actinide Bonding (Uranium and Thorium)

Dr. Anh T. Lee

Staff Scientist

Anh comes to us from working with Tim Steimle at Arizona State University. She also currently teaches General Chemistry at Georgia Tech.

Noah Jaffe

Graduate Student – Fifth Year

Projects: Beryllium Bonding

Noah’s background is actually in physics and math, he has come to enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of physical chemistry and spectroscopy. His current research project focuses on studying small beryllium-containing anions via slow electron velocity map imaging photoelectron spectroscopy, which is capable of giving new information about the structure and gas phase characteristics of these molecules.  When he is not in lab, he enjoys climbing and playing with electronics.


Ariana Rodriguez

Graduate Student – Fourth Year

Projects: Laser Cooling and Beryllium Bonding

Arianna Rodriguez comes from New College of Florida. While at New College of Florida she pursued research in microwave spectroscopy and web accessibility. In her free time she enjoys drawing, roller skating, and crocheting.


Caitlyn Dollar

Graduate Student – Second Year

Projects: Lanthanide Oxides and Actinide Bonding

Caitlyn comes from Ball States University, Muncie IN. She worked with photocatalyst on persistent organic contaminants in her undergraduate research. Currently, she’s working with NdF. Caitlyn is an animal lover.


Giao Vu

Graduate Student – First Year

Projects: Actinide Bonding

Giao Vu comes from Temple University, Philadelphia. While in her undergraduate research, she worked with metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and gas capture in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) condition. She is currently working on the lanthanide/actinide project. Outside of the lab, she enjoys cooking, working as a volunteer, and playing video games.


Rishi Varan

Graduate Student – First Year

Projects: Alkaline Earth Metals

Rishi Varan received his Bachelor’s of Science from Emory University in 2022. He is currently working on the study of alkaline earth metals using slow electron velocity-map imaging spectroscopy. He likes working out, yoga, and art history.


Sophia Vadachkoria

Graduate Student – First Year

Projects: Beryllium Bonding

Sophia received her Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry Degree from San Diego State University. While there, she worked on synthesis and characterization of lead halide perovskite diastereomeric nanocrystals as part of the undergraduate research. In her free time, she enjoys playing boardgames, drinking tea and watching wildlife documentaries.


Amy Lin

Undergraduate – Sophomore

Amy is majoring in Chemistry at Emory University. She loves learning chemistry, though she has not known a lot about it. She is excited to learn more about lasers and quantum mechanics! When she is not in lab, she likes baking and playing tennis.


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