Our Research

We are interested in the gas phase molecular spectroscopy of small metallic species, in order to understand unique cases of electronic structure. We use a variety of spectroscopic techniques, including anion photoelectron spectroscopy, zero electron kinetic energy spectroscopy, and laser induced fluorescence, in conjunction with ab initio computational methods to fully characterize our molecules of interest.

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Beryllium Bonding

oxide / copper / sulfide

We’re studying why the chemistry of Beryllium is different!


Actinide Bonding

Thorium / uranium

We’re using experimental measurements and theoretical calculations to obtain the high-resolution spectra in gas phase.


Lanthanide Oxides

and their cations

We’re investigating the electronic structures of lanthanide oxides and their cations for the communication applications.


Ultracold Molecules

chemical dynamics and quantum control

Spectroscopic techniques was applied to provide the fundamental insights into chemical reaction dynamics in a fully quantum regime, leading to an unlimited technological benefits.